GrappleTV Episode 24 Alberto Crane Black Belt Alberto Crane discusses his MMA fight career, how his UFC career was cut short do to MS and his incredible recovery.  
GrappleTV Episode 23 Gabriel Ruediger We sat down with Former UFC Fighter, former TUF competitor and current father/coach Gabe "Godzilla" Ruediger. He talks about being inside the TUF house, how it really was vs. what you see on TV. How...
GrappleTV Episode 22 Robert Drysdale Felicia Oh sat down with Robert Drysdale at this years Pans. In this short interview, they discussed Robert's current venture of going back to college and becoming a historian of BJJ.  
GrappleTV Episode 21 Jacob Harman If you've been around the SoCal scene long enough, you have probably seen some t-shirts/hoodies with Church Boyz Wrestling as the logo. Listen to this episode and hear how he started by chance training with...

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