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  Abusive Traditions  Recently a video came out where a guy, who appeared to be a Purple Belt, proceeded to choke a White Belt unconscious during training. The guy holds the choke even after the White Belt furiously taps. After reviving him, that same Purple Belt...
Five 365 caught up with Andre Galvao purple belt Adam Bradley. We talked about the struggle to move from New Hampshire to San Diego. Adam also talked about some of his favorite training partners at Atos HQ. Follow Adam on IG @Trab_bjj...
FIVE 365 Staff caught  up with ATOS Black Belt Kaynan Duarte. We talked about training at Atos, his Jiu Jitsu  journey and bull riding.      
Five 365 caught up with Mike Perez at Atos HQ, We talked banks, guns and cars. We also found time to talk about what Jiu Jitsu means to him and what it takes to be a world champion.  
Five 365 caught up with Mahamed Aly after his dominate win at World Series of Grappling Event held October 7, 2018 at MusclePharm Headquarters in California. Mahamed talked about the level of competition at WSOG and the WSOG rule set.
Lucas Rocha Gracie Barra vs Ezra Lenon Lenon Bros Match 1 Five Super League 1 (5SL1) August 2, 2015 San Diego, Ca Studio 540 Brought to you by Five Grappling Shoyoroll SUBCON Studio 540 Commentating By Riccardo Ammendolia and Tim Sledd

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