FIVE365 Q&A with the two youngest kids (twins) to ever compete at ADCC.

1, What does it mean to you to be the youngest to ever compete in a ADCC event?
I didn’t really realize that we were.
I imagine people might consider us the underdogs for this competition because of our 
age but we are treating it like any other competition.
It’s one of our favorite competitions to watch. One of the toughest and most prestigious. 
So I’m super excited. 

2,What are your expectations for this weekends event?
I expect to have some really tough matches. We are competing in our weight class but
I am sure it’s going to be with people a little stronger than us.
We have the same goal though in this tournament as we do with any others and that is
to go and win. 
If our mindset is not like that, then we might as well not even compete.
3,Is there anyone your looking to be matched up against?
To be honest I don’t have anyone in particular. I just want to go and win against
whoever they put me with. That’s my goal. One fight at a time. 

4, Do you think training at Atos brings any extra pressure to perform this weekend? 
If so please explain.

No I don’t think so. We are still kids and we are constantly learning and growing.
We made our mark in the kids division for the last 11 years and now we are trying to
grow into high level adult competitors like the beasts at Atos. 
Our teammates are super supportive which actually takes the pressures off. 

5, what does JIU JITSU mean to you?

It’s our life. I can’t imagine life without jiu jitsu in it .

6, How does it feel to transition from kids ranking to adult rankings? 

Yep it was time to man up.
7, Do you have any family, friends or sponsors you would like to thank?

Definitely. First we want to think our mom for not only setting up this trip but for
always being there for us. 

She drives us to training, helps us with our school, she cooks sometimes, 
overall she’s just a super trooper. 
We want to thank our dad for always training with us at home and making us better. 
We also wanna thank Rvca and Shoyoroll also Ai Pono meals, Sons and Daughters Ortho,
Elixicure and Banzai Bowls. We really appreciate them all and we are grateful for 
their support. 
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