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Five Super League Application Instructions

The Five Super League is composed of two parts.

  1. The 8 Man/Woman Super League Bracket (THIS IS DONE BY INVITE ONLY). This is the MAIN EVENT of the card.
  2. 20 Bout Undercard Matches on each card.
  3. Each of the bouts are paid bouts.
  4. Kids & Teens may apply for a super fight but must be at least a Orange Belt or Higher Ranking.
  5. Adults may apply for a super fight but must be at least a Blue Belt or Higher Ranking.
  6. Please be aware that undercard bouts are based on local geograhical region first, prior to looking at outside sources.
  7. Applications not filled out completely will not be considered.
  8. All Bouts are SUBONLY. If there is a DRAW at the end of the Match duration, a 3 Man Referee Team will determine a Decision. No Bouts will end in a DRAW following Referee Decision. Match times are set as follows: Kids 4 Mins, Teens 5 Mins, ALL Adult Matches are 6 Mins.

9.  Upon closing of application deadlines, a FIVE GRAPPLING Staff member will contact you if we have availability for a match.

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