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Shawn Fowler and Drew Dominguez of FIVE365 sit down with Bellator Fighter, Shane “The War Rhino” Krutchen. This interview tackles the dark side of his military time, gaining PTSD,  and how he hit rock bottom. From the darkest depths of reality to patching into the Mongols M/C, martial arts took Krutch from trying to commit suicide to owning his own construction company, and fighting in one of the highest noted shows in the world, Bellator MMA. A Brown Belt in Jiu Jitsu, he shares self defense and gives back to the combatives programs at Camp Pendleton and beyond. Shane Krutchen is a SURVIVOR and his resilience and love from those that surrounded him, made him what he is today, a HERO in so many ways. We SALUTE you Shane Krutchen. You don’t want this episode with Shane Krutchen in this raw and unedited edition of #ajiujitsulife. (Please Note: Each episode of #ajiujitsulife releases every Monday exclusively at Don’t forget to tag your friends and watch together. #ajiujitsulife | “REAL PEOPLE, REAL STORIES, REAL LIFE” – FIVE BRAND