Shawn Fowler and Drew Dominguez of FIVE365 sit down with up and comer Brown Belt, Adam Bradley. If you don’t know his name, you better get used to it to because he is medal chasing all over the country. Bradley’s rise from a dead end street in a small town in  New Hampshire to uprooting and moving across the US to train with ATOS with literally no money or a support system is a testament to his resilience both as a man and a competitor. From Blue to Brown Belt, he has been a part of all the competition camps ATOS hosts and Jiu Jitsu has given him the opportunity to travel and compete all over the country. Bradley’s soft accent and sense of humor, will have you intrigued from the moment you meet him. You don’t want to this episode with Adam Bradley in this raw and unedited edition of #ajiujitsulife. (Please Note: Each episode of #ajiujitsulife releases every Monday exclusively at Don’t forget to tag your friends and watch together. #ajiujitsulife | “REAL PEOPLE, REAL STORIES, REAL LIFE” – FIVE BRAND