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GrappleTV Podcast

Grapple TV Podcast

Category Sports Created by Kenny Jewel

Long time BJJ Practitioner and BJJ Photographer Kenny Jewel teams up with BJJ Black Belt Felicia Oh to discuss all thing BJJ and MMA. Their guests include some of the most influential people in the game. With their inaugural show, the two sat down with legendary MMA referee, Herb Dean. Tune in Weekly, you never know who will show up on their show.

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Episode 32 – Grapple TV Presents Henry Atkins

Episode 31 – GrappleTV Presents Robert Freeman and Don Barnes

Episode 30 – GrappleTV Presents CJ Robison

Episode 29 – GrappleTV Presents Jason & Monique Selva

Episode 28 – GrappleTV Interview with Ethan Kreiswirth

Episode 27 – GrappleTV Interviews Shawn Fowler

Episode 26 – GrappleTV Interviews Ian Harris

Episode 25 – GrappleTV Presents Pati Fontes

Episode 24 – GrappleTV Presents Alberto Crane

Episode 23 – GrappleTV Presents Gabriel Ruediger

Episode 22 – GrappleTV Presents Robert Drysdale

Episode 21 – GrappleTV Interviews Jacob Harman

Episode 20 – GrappleTV Interviews Marcus Kowal

Episode 19 – GrappleTV Interviews Wilson Reis

Episode 18 – GrappleTV Interviews Noah Tillis

Episode 17 – GrappleTV Interviews Dan Camarillo

Episode 16 – GrappleTV presents Matt and Jill Baker

Episode 15 – GrappleTV Interviews Professor Joao Assis

Episode 14 – Grapple TV Presents Chris & Melissa Haueter