Marune Jiu-Jitsu Training App Review

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Marune Jiu-Jitsu App

Every so often I go down a rabbit hole for apps, much like conspiracy theorist do with YouTube videos. One leads me to another, then another, and ultimately another. Some I download and some I ignore altogether. Well, about a month ago I came across an interesting app with an odd name, Marune. The app peaked my interest, so I clicked through the available screenshots then finally proceeded to download the app and was delighted by its simple yet effective layout.

Before I dive in, let me provide some background. The app’s brainchild is Jason Elliott, a forty-eight-year-old Aspen MMA Blue Belt originally out of Tarpon, Florida. He’s been training for nearly five years now and one day decided to create a free app for training. Yes, completely free. The apps name is an homage to both his hometown of Tarpon and the high school colors that he wrestled under, maroon. After playing with several word combinations he settled on Marune.

Marune Jiu-Jitsu App Features

The app’s main purpose is to keep track of your training and competition results. For every day you train, you have the ability to log the time and date, where you trained, the amount of time trained vs roll time, and if it was a Gi or NoGi class. You also have the ability to add the technique that you trained or learned along with any notes to capture details. It’s a simple and quick process. I was able to input about two weeks’ worth of training data in about five to seven minutes after the initial install.

The Competition tracking feature is much like the daily tracker in that you can track date, time, Gi or NoGi, location, and notes. Additional features include the tournament’s name, your wins, losses, and how you placed on the podium.






















Some other features include a User Profile with a picture, belt rank icon along with stripes/degrees earned, the name of your home school, instructor’s name, and your overall time trained and total number of training sessions. The app also has a built in Feed feature that allows you to keep track of your friend’s training and competitions.

Future Plans for Marune Jiu-Jitsu App

Jason currently has a list of updates that he’s considering for the coming weeks. Some of these features include being able to comment on friend’s workouts and tournaments, the ability to enter smaller increments of time for training and rolling, notifications, and general performance enhancements. While speaking to Jason over email, he stressed that he would love to hear from users who may have issues or who are willing to offer suggestions on improving the app further.

Overall Rating

Overall, I would give the app 4 out of 5. It’s a simple yet really solid. During my testing the platform was stable, I never experienced a crash a lull in transitioning speed. I love that I can look at my training at a glance with the option of seeing for the week, the month, or to date. I few things that I would love to see added would be the ability to search for past techniques and training entries. Being able to add short videos of the technique you learned would also be a welcomed upgrade.

Again, this is a solid app that I’m personally going to continue to use. It has a five-star rating both on Apple and Android App Stores respectively. I’m extremely excited to see what the future will holds for this project. So, if you’re looking to track your training, please do yourself a favor and give the Marune Jiu-Jitsu app a try!

Guest Author David Figueroa-Martinez

Twitter: @JiuJitsuJournal