From breakdancing to 170 pound Combat Jiu-jitsu World Champion, Episode 6 of A Jiu-jitsu Life, brings you the tales of 10th Planet black belt, Richie “Boogeyman” Martinez.  Shawn Fowler and Drew Dominguez speak to the no-gi submission expert as he takes a rare break from teaching and training.

Martinez opens up about the huge impact jiu-jitsu has made on his life, from his teaching obligations to his ability to travel the world.  Martinez is a testament to how all “freaks” can live their dreams with the right amount of commitment and effort.

Martinez and the boys talk about the legacy of tournaments in Southern California, allowing students to train at other schools and even break down the upcoming ADCC brackets.  In a sport where so many take themselves too seriously, Martinez is a refreshing reminder that at the end of the day, we all initially got on the mat to have fun.

Brian Piepenbrink