San Diego food royalty and jiu-jitsu school owner, Jorge “Guac Is Extra” Farfan speaks to Shawn and Drew in this week’s episode of A jiu-jitsu Life.  Farfan is the co-owner of Chula Vista Jiu-jitsu Club and hails from the family that founded the Lolita’s Mexican Food chain of restaurants.

The very humble Farfan speaks on how he connects with his students, the value spirituality and the importance of legacy.  Farfan, Shawn and Drew share stories about the glory days of jiu-jitsu in San Diego and the importance of continuous improvement.

Farfan is very introspective and understands what he and others need in order to grow in both jiu-jitsu and business.  Fanfan correctly points out all people are individuals with different paths in life, but all can lead to greatness with the right attitude and support system.


Brian Piepenbrink