FIVE365 Sits Down with Young Phenom Roberto Jimenez

roberto jimenez bjj

Five365 with the Young Phenom Roberto Jimenez BJJ Brown Belt.

How old were you when you started training Jiu Jitsu?

I started training jiu jitsu when I was around 4 or 5 and it was thanks to my dad. I personally didn’t like it until I was around 12 or

How is it training with your father Raul knowing he expects more from you than any other student?

The pressure is always there with my father, before it used to be from not wanting to train but having to do so anyway. Now the pressure comes from wanting to do my best and make him proud. If it wasn’t for him pushing me to keep training I don’t know where I’d be today.

Does being 18 years old and a brown belt add more pressure to you when you step on the mat?

A half and half kind of feeling. I know I’m young and still have a long road ahead of me so I don’t feel any pressure from having to prove anything to anyone. That being said I do except more of myself the older I get.

What does Jiu Jitsu mean to you?

Jiu jitsu is everything to me. It’s how I’ve been raised and I notice more and more that it’s not just a martial art but also a kind of therapy for anyone athlete, hobbyist, and professor. It’s a cheat code to live a little better in this crazy world (in my opinion)

How has the competition changed now that you are a brown belt?

It’s a lot of the same guys I competed with at purple but I also have some brown belts that I’ve seen go up in the ladder that I’ll be having to face soon which is exciting. I hope to be able to compete against more top level black belts as well to get a costumed to the intensity.

Who are some of your favorite competitive guys or girls you like to watch compete and why?

Some of my favorite athletes to watch are Lucas Lepri, Rodolfo Vieira, Bruno Malfacine, Marcus Buchecha, Leandro Lo, and Nicholas Meregali. I like these guys because they all have different styles and really good guard passing. On the woman’s scene I really enjoy watching My friend Tammi Musumeci, Nathi Jesus, Bianca Basilio, and Maysa Bastos.

What do you like to do when your not training?

I recently found a new liking to Surfing, I’ve always enjoyed the sport but finally got to get in the water a couple times in Hawaii. I also enjoy long boarding on land and riding the unicycle.

What does it mean to you to be part of Alliance and it’s outstanding history?

It’s an honor and I’m happy to have met some of my idols thank to being part of the team. More than anyone I’m happy I’ve gotten to know and train with Lucas Lepri who has inspired me a lot not only as an athlete but as a professor and academy owner. I strive to find my own way of doing all these things and It helps a lot to see his example along with everyone else in alliance

Tell us about your new DVD Attack the back every match and where can we find it?

Recently I just recorded my first DVD with BJJ Fanatics and it was a great experience. It focuses on back takes I use in training and competition, from almost any position you can imagine half guard, top and bottom to even getting  the back from side control. You can check it out at

Will we see you at this years ADCC west coast trials? How do you think you will do against the best grapplers in the world?

For sure I’ll be at the ADCC west coast trials. I feel good but I’m always aware of the challenge. I hope to win the ticket and doing so as dominantly as possible.

Any sponsors, family or friends you would like to thank

I’d like to thank all my sponsors for the constant support specially Vanguard and Archetype for believing in my work. Thank you to all my teammates, friends, and students for pushing me and helping me grow. And special thanks to my parents for also believing in me and giving me a shot at my dreams.

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