Shawn Fowler and Drew Dominguez of FIVE365 sit down with the Los Angeles County Director of the Public Defenders Office, Ricardo Garcia. Ricardo is a Purple Belt under Shawn Fowler and Branden Guptill of HONU BJJ. Garcia discusses his expertise level as a Deputy in San Diego’s Public Defenders Office, and learning a new culture upon accepting his new title in Los Angeles County. The trio focus on the Innocence Project and the recent exoneration of Brian Banks of Long Beach Poly, a series of cases that impacted him to be a public defender and what drives him to help the community. You don’t want this episode with Ricardo Garcia in this raw and unedited edition of #ajiujitsulife. (Please Note: Each episode of #ajiujitsulife releases every Monday exclusively at Don’t forget to tag your friends and watch together. FIVE BRAND. “IT’S A LIFESTYLE”