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New Breed Academy
9848 Jersey Ave
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670


Competitors Registration is Now Open!

Please Note! We reserve the right to combine weight classes to create competitive weight divisions with sufficient competitors. When registering children, feel free to put them in their respective divisions. This is a FEMALE Kids, Teens, Adults, Masters (30+), and Seniors (40+) Women’s ONLY event. 04.10.22 is GI & NOGI


All Registered Athletes Will Receive The Following

Custom 5 inch medals for all divisions if you place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Place in your respective division. 

Only 1st Place Absolute Winners receive a 1st Place Medal.  

We DO NOT give out participation medals. Losing is an important part of ones growth and this teaches everyone that competition can be hard and unfair, and we must all overcome that fear and work harder. One must lose, to know how to win. You either win or you learn something valuable about yourself. 

Registration Opens 01.17.22
Registration Price

Early Registration $59 one division $15 add’l division
 ends 01.23.22 at midnight

Late Registration $79 one division $15 add'l division


Note: Registration Fees are Non-Refundable.

Exemption: Do not hesitate to register early. In the event that we are unable to find you a suitable match, we will issue you a full refund. Athletes who are alone in their bracket are eligible to receive a full refund of the registration fee if they contact and request to withdraw their name from the competition prior to the end of the appointed event registration check day.



$3.00 from each paid competitor is donated to the FIVE FORWARD FOUNDATION 501(C)3 and Project Bully to render charitable services to support our local based communities as well as award yearly scholarships. 

Spectator Entrance Fees

$15 at the event Ages 6+
Kids under 5 years old are free


Important Dates

Registration Deadline Monday April 4, 2022 midnight
Athlete Correction Deadline Tuesday April 5, 2022 5pm
Team Correction by Professor Deadline Tuesday April 5, 2022 5pm
Registration Check Day Tuesday April 5, 2022 5pm


Brackets & Schedule Release Date

Wednesday April 04, 2022 – TBD


Tentative Event Schedule (Day of Event)

Doors Open To Public: 7AM
Rules Meeting: 815AM
Parents/Coaches Competitors Placed and Staged at Mats: 845AM
Rise for National Anthem: 850AM
Event Start Time: 9AM


Order of Bouts

Kids GI
Adult GI
Adult NOGI


Competitor and Spectators Entrance

There are 2 lines available for check in for the morning rush, please refer to the line the best suits your needs.

Line 1 – Spectator’s tickets available at front door (morning only)
Line 2 – Competitor and Professors

Rule Book

For FIVE GRAPPLING Rules for Open Competitions, please click here ( RULES )


Kid and Teen Competitors (Very Important)

If you are registering a kid or teen of any age, you need to read this document ( WEIGHT CLASSES ), page 2, thoroughly, to limit age confusion. If teen competitors would like to register as an adult, please feel to email us at and we will move your teen around after completing the registration process in their respective division.


***PLEASE NOTE: Kids and Teens DO NOT have to weigh in with a GI on. We reserve the right to combine weight classes to create competitive weight divisions with sufficient competitors. When registering children, feel free to put them in their respective divisions. In an effort to create adequate and competitive matches, the rule of thumb is as follows; 1. Kids can be matched between 2 years and 10LBs and 2. Teens can be matched between 2 years and 15LBs. Boys and Girls can compete together up to the age of 12 Years Old.


Coaches and Professors (Very Important)

To register as a certified coach with five grappling on the coaches list, you must be a brown or black belt. Please email us to get on the coaches list. There are no exceptions to this rule. No other belt color will be considered for the coach’s list. In order for you to best utilize smoothcomp as a coach, you will need to create a coaches account for your academy. To do this, please email us at After creating an account, coaches will be able to see all athletes that have signed up under their academy. In addition to seeing who has signed up, coaches can also register and pay for their students as well as move them between divisions. For more information on how to best utilize a coaches account, visit


Disclaimer – coaches and professors must provide proof that they are a brown or black belt with a credible traceable lineage or a school owner.



If your school is not a registered school in the data base

You can add your school to the database for your athletes to register to your school, please click link here ( ADD NEW SCHOOL ) and follow the prompts. Upon completion of prompts and registration of school name and association, your students may begin registering.


Team Trophies and Points

Team trophies are awarded by kids/adults GI/NOGI combined scores. There are two separate trophies given in these categories, one for GI and one for NOGI.


Athlete points are tallied as followed

1st place = 9 points
2nd place = 3 points
3rd place = 1 point


Weigh Ins

Women’s Cup Day before Weigh-Ins are avail from TBD on SATURDAY  04.09.22 at New Breed Academy. Weigh-Ins on the DAY OF THE EVENT are from at 630AM-8AM on SUNDAY 04.10.22 for all KIDS and TEENS DIVISIONS and will open to ADULTS, both GI and NOGI from 8AM ON. ALL KIDS AND TEENS MUST BE WEIGHED IN BY 8AM. All Adults must be weighed in at least one hour prior to their respective division.


Check Ins

Your respective division will be called and staged in the bullpen up to 1 hour prior to start time.
You uniform must be clean and ready for competition. (please see Rules Book for Minimum Requirements). It is important that you watch mat times all day long as they can slow down or speed up and it is your responsibility to be on time for your matches.



All matches are double elimination.
Scheduled Go Times & Mat Assignments:

All athletes must be standing by their mats at assigned times at least 15 minutes prior to their go time. Athletes are responsible to pay attention to the schedule as it is updated in real time all day long the day of the event. The schedule can run faster or longer due to what is happening on the mats at any time. Five Grappling is not responsible if competitors do not show and compete in your bracket.


Black Belts Compete for FREE. Please email us at for a credit if you are a black belt. Disclaimer- Black Belt athletes must be able to provide proof they are a black belt with a credible traceable lineage.


Absolute Divisions

Absolute Divisions are for ADULTS ONLY and you must register to compete in the Absolute Division.


Travel Accommodations



Registration Cancellation Policy

We do not issue refunds, you will receive a credit toward a future event. Registered competitors that are unable to compete due to illness, injury, or bereavement may request credit toward a future tournament up to 5 days prior to the tournament date. Refunds will only be offered if we are not able to find you a suitable match. FIVE GRAPPLING is not responsible for competitors other expenses such as, but not limited, travel or transportation.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or call us via the Five Grappling offices at 619-633-FIVE(3483).

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