Episode 9 Nikki Sullivan

Atos black belt, Nikki Sullivan speaks with Shawn and Drew about training, and transitioning from a teaching career to full time jiu-jitsu competitor. The Indiana native received her black belt in January of this year.  Discovering jiu-jitsu in college,Sullivan now sets her sights on being one of the elite in the grappling community.

Sullivan speaks candidly about how envy and ego prompted her to leave a gym due to the head instructor not wanting her to train with other schools.  Perhaps this was a blessing in disguise because she now shares her passion for teaching with students on the West Coast which she finds very fulfilling.

Sullivan’s parents supported her move to California to pursue jiu-jitsu which gave her the emotional freedom to take the risks to achieve her goals in grappling and in life.  Understanding people can take their past experiences and education and utilize them in a variety of ways, Sullivan appears to have a strong grasp on what it takes to be successful on the mat and as a person.  The world needs more instructors like Sullivan and hopefully we will see a Sullivan academy in the future.