It is not very often A Jiu-Jitsu Life highlights a purple belt, but if that purple belt is the Public Defender of Los Angeles County, Shawn and Drew are all ears.  The crew jumped at the opportunity to hear from one of the most influential legal officers in the state of California, Ricardo Garcia.

Garcia, a Berkeley law school graduate, has always fought for those who could not fight for themselves.  As a young public defender, he took on many cases of people who were not being served by the system.  Seeing how some defendants fell through the cracks and the disproportionality that is affecting minorities in the criminal justice system, Garcia leveled up and is doing something about it.

Garcia and the boys talked about everything from Mexican food to commuting from San Diego to L.A.  However, the conversation would often return to the topic of criminal law and the experiences that shaped Garcia throughout his career.

The very thoughtful Garcia understands the gravity of his position and believes he is and will continue to make a difference for the citizens of L.A. and perhaps beyond.

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